The Beauty Spot of Vermont

WELCOME IN! (a song for The Elmore Store)

Written and performed by Jon Gailmor

In 1840, or so we're told
The history of the store began to unfold
Old John McKenzie delivered by horse
So did all the other varied vendors, of course

The turn of the century was a pivotal time
Soon came the power and a lit-up sign
Party line, phone booth, get your mail
Milk by the bottle or a Ballantine Ale


Loons on the lake, loons in the shop
The hub of the village at the Beauty Spot
Welcome in, let the fun begin!
We're all friends and neighbors at The Elmore Store

Years flew by, keepers came and went
Endless hours and energy spent
In '83, two kids took the leap
With rolled-up sleeves and a lot less sleep

Staples and supplies started rolling in
Filling up the shelves--see the town-wide grin
Homemade goodies, local and more
Everybody gathers at The Elmore Store


A guaranteed giggle, a tidbit or two
Reflections, directions, a whole lot to chew
Thirty years later, the gang's still here
Warren, Kathy, Kelly, Abby--give 'em a cheer!