Elmore’s animal tales

1847 Bailey, Samuel East Elmore
Lamoille News 10/23/1 878 - S. F. Bailey has caught 32 large hen hawks in a steel trap in the last
two months.

1878 Burnham, Horace East Elmore
Lamoille News 10/23/1 878 - Horace Burnham had a valuable cow killed by a falling limb. 1900 Camp, Newton Lake area School
Attended Pond School 1908 1909.
News and Citizen 6/25/1891 - For once we have something of genuine interest - decidedly unique. A deer was seen by Newton Camp last week grazing in the field not far from his fathers house. The little creature manifested little fear and was followed by Newton for quite a distance. We doubt a similar thing has occurred in Elmore since the primeval forest. The same animal, it is thought, was seen in Waterbury by Ed Doty. Speed the day when these charming creatures will become visitors to our yards and members of our flock.

1907 Crowell, Ed Merriam
News and Citizen -2/28/1906 - Ed Crowell’s faithful old, old dog, Jack, who had been one of the household for about 15 years, dropped lead on Monday. 7/3/1907 An interesting suit was that tried last Monday before Justice B. F. Morse and a picked jury. The case was that of the State ye. Edward Crowell charged with keeping a vicious dog. Ed, at one time owned a dog; said dog some time last year got into bad company and with another canine bit a little calf on the nose. Ed bought the calf and gave the dog to his daughter, who lives in Wolcott, where a license was taken out. Now the dog likes Elmore better than Wolcott and so was at his old home more than his new. The Selectment didn’t like this and so complained to the State. The jury returned a verdict that Ed Crowell was not guilty. The dog will, however, have to continue to pay his tax in Wolcott and reside there.

1897 Davison, P. C. East Elmore
News and Citizen, Jan 6, 1897 - P. C. Davison lost a valuable horse last week. 1/27/1 897 - Davison has bought a mate to his large iron grey horse, to take the place of the one that died recently. 2-17-1897 - P.C. Davison, we are sorry to say, lost another valuable horse last night. “News and Citizen 12/1/1 897 - P. C. Davison had the misfortune to lose a horse by its getting a leg broken. Mr. Davision has the sympathy of all his neighbors in the loss. This makes 3 or 4 horses he has lost within a year and nearly all of them valuable ones.

1899 Eastman, Will Pleasant Valley
News and Citizen 3-15-1899 - Will Eastman sold four cows. 7/24/1901 - Will Eastman lost a nice horse, cause, brain fever.

1897 Fary, William or Fay Elmore Mt. Rd
News and Citizen 12/22/1897 - William Fary one day last week missed his pig and after quite a search found him at H. W. Wheelock’s in the pen with Wheelock’s pig which place he had reached by crawling through the window.


Elmore’s animal tales

1878 Gray, George, Esq. and Sarah Hargin Pleasant Valley
Gray’s Sawmill 7/24/1 878 -
George Gray, Esq. has full blooded Durham calves from the celebrated Joslyn herd. 1901 Lowell, F. Pleasant Valley
News and Citizen 6/26/1 901 - F. Boyce has his dog home again, said dog having passed a very happy vacation elsewhere.

1897 Peake, Clarence Lake area
News and Citizen, October 13, 1897 - One night last week Elmer Camp’s pig started on a voyage of discovery, but about the time he reached the village, Clarence Peake saw him and thought he would restore him to his rightful home, thinking of course he could outrun anything will legs as short as his pigship. Piggy thought otherwise and the race began up and down and around and around until Clarence was nearly winded. When all at once as he thought the victory was his, the pig made a bold stroke for freedom and jumped into the pond. Peake called L.L. Camp, who happened to be near and thy got a boat and started the rescue, but the pig swam faster than they could row and it was only after he swam more than 1/2 mile that they succeeded in getting him into the boat.

1878 Scofield, John G. Hill
Vermont Citizen 11/6/1 873- news article describes a hen belonging to John G. Schofield who always persisted on setting upon other hen’s eggs.

1890 Silloway, Fred W. East Elmore
News and Citizen, December 18, 1890 - Fred Silloway was severely kicked by one of his horses in the face, breaking his cheek bone, knocking out some of his teeth and fracturing his jaw bone besides bruising up his face, Tuesday. 6-9-1897 - Fred W. Silloway led a colt on the scales the day it was one that weighed 750 lbs and stands 14 hands and 2”. The youngster is a beauty in form and color.

1897 Stowell, Henry. G and Mrs. Lake area
News and Citizen, 9/14/1898 - Henry Stowell lost another horse last week, by its falling in the pasture and breaking its neck.

1901 Ward, Bertram S. & Grace Townsend Hardwood Flats
News and Citizen 1/16/1 901 - Bert Ward’s horse got loose and ate so much Pratt’s food that he died. The week before Mr. Ward had the misfortune to dislocate a horse’s hip while hauling logs.

1897 Wells, Eugene East Elmore
Animal tales News and Citizen, 11/24/1 897-
Eugene Wells had the misfortune to hurt a horse quite badly while at work in the woods the other day