Elmore Mt. Rd Church
Congregationlist held services for many summers in the Delano school house on the Elmore Mountain Road.
unk Pleasant Val Church
One active Seventh Day Adventist group was organized in Pleasant Valley and flourished for several years, before joining a larger group in neighboring Wolcott.
unk Lake area Church
Beach house and church
Lake area Church

Church in distance-center of picture
- Beach house on right.

1826 General Church
Historical Sketch - A vote of the town in 1826 authorized the selectmen to lease the lots sequestered for the support of the ministry. In 1839 the town voted to seffle a minister but reconsidered its action. The funds derived from ministerial land from 1844 to 1849 were divided between Methodist Episcopal, Wesleyan-Methodist, and Free Will Baptist societies. An act was passed by lesgislature in 1851 authorizing the town of Elmore to use the money accrued or to accrue from ministerial lands for schools until a minister should be settled. The Methodist Episcopal society erected a church structure in 1836 at some distance from the hamlet of Elmore. This was torn down and another built at the hamlet in 1874. Another society was organized in East Elmore at this time.

1863 Lake area Church
News Dealer- 12/2/1 863 - In Elmore, service conducted by Rev. A. B. Reynolds at the church. Attendance was good and discourse excellent. The usual amount of roast turkey and pumpkin pies were consumed afterwards.

1870 East Elmore Church
East Elmore - The Methodist Society organized in 1870 and the church as 50 members. Rev Udall is pastor.

1872 Lake area Church
Elmore Methodist Church History - In the winter of 1871-72 the church disappeared from its old location opposite the cemetery and reappeared at the new site at the “pond”. It was moved bodily on skids, or runners, over the ice of the pond to its new location. In 1870 the church was listed in the Annual Methodist Report as being worth $2,300. The year it was moved it was listed at $300.00 and the year following at $5,500.00

1872 Lake area Church


News Dealer 1872 - Dedication of the new ME Church at Elmore Wednesday, October 2, 1872.

1874 Lake area Church
From Elmore Methodist Church History - From 1862 to 1870 the church had approximately seventy five members with eighty pupils in the Sunday school.

1874 East Elmore Church
Gazeteer 1883-1884 - East Elmore hamlet - A Methodist society was organized in 1870. Pastor Rev. X.Udall. Services held in school house.. East Elmore Methodist church held services in the East Elmore school on Sundays. These services were continued until the early nineteen hundred teens. See Article 4 According to the article on church history, a District Superintendent of the church reported from Montpelier regarding East Elmore Church - “East Elmore is self supporting and considerably elevated. It has had the labors of one of our local preachers for the past two years and ought more than it does to resemble the Hall of Zion.

1891 Lake area Church
News and Citizen 4-2-1891 - A subscription paper is being circulated for procuring a bell for the church. With small effort $40.00 has already been pledged.

1893 Lake area Church
News and Citizen, May 11,1893 - Commencing with this week the weekly prayer meetings will be held on Wednesday evening instead of Friday evening as heretofore.

1897 East Elmore Church
News and Citizen, Jan 6, 1897- There will be a box party soon for the benefit of the church.

1898 Lake area Church
News and Citizen 9/28/1898 - Much needed repairs are being made on the parsonage in the way of laying over chimney, shingles, etc.

1903 Lake area Church
News and Citizen 10-21-1903 - The church is in the hands of the janitor and is being greatly improved in looks by the same.

1908 Lake area Church severe thunderstorm demolished the tall steeple of the church.

1909 Lake area Church
Old Elmore Church before lightning took off the steeple - 1909/10

1911 Lake area Church


From History of Methodist Church - Sept. 22, 1911 will be remembered as the day that Elmore Pond burned. - Three houses, a store and the town clerk’s office which were located between the present school house and the corner of Wolcott Street burned. The school house was somewhat scorched but withstood the elements with the aid of the firemen who kept it wet down, as well as the Preston Peake House on Wolcott Street which for a time appeared doomed.

1924 Lake area Church
News and Citizen dated 7-23-1924 - The Elmore Church electrified. Evening meetings now with 50 or more in attendance



Elmore Mt. Rd School  
Delano School

1802 General School
Historical Sketch - A division of the town into school districts was made in 1802, two districts being laid out. The number of districts had increased to lOin 1892 with an attendance of 143. Following the adoption of the town district system in 1893 there were eight legal schools with an attendance of 161. The town as of 1939 maintained the Lake Elmore, Pleasant Vavey and Delano schools with a total attendance of

69 pupils for the school year ending in 1939. Tuition for advanced instruction is paid to high schools in other towns.

1852 Lake area School
News and Citizen, February 25, 1892 - School closes at the Pond (District 3) this week. The teacher and scholars are preparing dialogues and declamatory exercises for a closing entertainment on Friday. Everybody is invited. Let there be a good audience to gratify the teacher and please the scholars.

1891 Lake area School
News and Citizen 3/19/1 891 - School finishes at the ‘Pond’ Friday of this week. This term will be of 16 weeks duration and has held six days each week in order to draw public money under the new school law.

1897 East Elmore School
News and Citizen, Jan 6, 1897 - School was closed because of measles

1898 East Elmore School
News and Citizen 9/7/1 898 - The schoolhouse has been newly shingled.

1899 Elmore Mt. Rd School
News and Citizen 7/1 2/1 899 - District 6 had 20 scholars - days taught 48. Teacher - Carrie Laraway

1899 East Elmore School
News Dealer 1899 - East Elmore school in “Toad Hollow” finished last week Friday. They all speak well of Miss Smith as teacher.

1899 Hardwood Flats School
News Dealer 1899 - Attendance at Hardwood Flat (District 8) school was 6 although there are 20 school age.

1900 General School Dists



In 1882 the area was divided into 9 school districts and contained 8 common schools. W. E.
Colby was school superintendent. - East Elmore - District 9; Delano - District 2; Churchill -
District 6; Bangs - District 8; Hill - District 7; Pond - District 3; Merriam - District 5; Pleasant
Valley - District 4

1974 East Elmore School  
East Elmore School - District #8 closed from January to April in 1899 for lack of students. Edith Smith was teacher. Average attendance was less than 6 where there was at least 20 scholars of school age. Miss lna Swift was teacher for school year 1899 and 1900. Emily Vigeant taught 1905; Kate(Norris) Jennings taught 1902; 1906 and Gila Carpenter taught 1910, 1911,1926 (15 to 25 students), 1927 and 1928. East Elmore school closed 1928. Photo #40 taken in 1974 shows the ciuthouse which was the only structure remaining. As of 1998 there is still signs of the cellar and narcissus still are evident near the school.