1897 Bailey, Olin and Mrs. East Elmore
News and Citizen 12/22/1 897 - Mrs. Olin Bailey was given a surprise party in honor of her birthday at A. A. Spauldings last week. 4/3/1 901 - The Baileys moved to Cabot. 10/16/1901 - Olin Bailey has got rich enough selling dictionaries and has gone to Cambridge to live.

1878 Cameron, Alvin East Elmore
Lamoille News 2/1 3/1 878 - There was a trial of horse strength at this place between a horse owned by Alvin Cameron and one by Will Silloway, Jr. resulting in favor of Silloway’s horse.

1901 Cook, Clarence and Mrs. Lake area
News and Citizen 4/10/1901 - Quite a number visited Mrs. Cook’s sugar place last Friday and ate new sugar. Do it again Clarence.

1898 Davison, James East Elmore
News and Citizen 10/5/1 898 - The Spauldings attended a large husking part at James Davison’s near East Elmore.

1878 Ellsworth, Merrill Pleasant Valley
Lamoille News 1/23/78 - There will be an oyster supper at Merrill Ellsworth’s for the benefit of Rev. Daniel Land.

1887 Morse, Benjamin F. East Elmore
News and Citizen - March 17, 1897 - There is to be an oyster supper at B. F. Morse’s house for benefit of Mr. Wheeler - 2-15-1899 - There is a chicken pie supper Tuesday evening, February 21 at B. F. Morse’s for the benefit of G. W. Sanbom. 10/9/1901 - There was a cake and ice cream festival at B. F. Morse’s - the receipts which amounted to about $1.75 were turned over to our minister.

1897 Slayton, F. L. Hardwood Flats
News and Citizen - July 21, 1897 - F. L. Slayton and his assistants have all parted with their moustaches and we must say that for beauty, Frank takes the cake as he looks more like a pumpkin Jack 0 Lantern than ever.

1898 Slayton, Glenn, Jr. Lake area
News and Citizen, 6-22-1 898 - Glenn Slayton attained his majority and became 16 and the event was celrated by about 100 of his friends.

1897 Spaulding, Clinton Lake area
News and Citizen, . 7-12-1899 - Clinton Spaulding is W. A. Spaulding’s best man . 6-22-1 898- We think Clinton Spaulding had some idea of going into the circus but since he took a flying leap over the side of the bridge into the brook on Friday, completely demoralizing his wheel and coming out with a good wetting himself, he has given up the idea of trying acrobatic feats and will prefer to stand upon the terra ferme. 10/5/1898 - Walter and Clinton Spaulding attended a


large husking party at James Davidson’s near East Elmore. Clint reported a jolly good time, lots of girls and lots of red ears.

1908 Symonds, P. A. and Mrs. East Elmore
News and Citizen 7/1 5/1 908 - Several people in this vicinity were given a rare treat last Tuesday when Mrs. P. S. Symonds served sugar on snow to numerous friends. The snow was found near the mill. For particulars ask any of the lucky guests. By the way, it will be remembered that the thermometer registered above 97 degrees in the shade on the above date.

1847 Tillison, Chester Merriam
Lamoille News 6/19/1878 - Our Sabbath school and the one at the Pond unite in having a basket picnic in the sugar grove of Chester Tilllison.

1901 Town Hall Lake area
News and Citizen - 3/6/1 901 - There will be a box sociable at the Town Hall on March 8th. All are invited to come. Ladies are requested to bring boxes which will be sold at auction

1900 Woolcutt, Richard Lake area
Attended Pond School 1900 to 1906 - District 3 - News and Citizen 7/20/1 898 - Master Richard Woolcott invited the small people around to help him have a good time in honor of his 7th birthday on the 18th. They were treated to maple syrup on ice and the supper table was laden with goodies.

1863 Lake area
News Dealer- 12/2/1 863 - In Elmore, service conducted by Rev. A. B. Reynolds at the church. Attendance was good and discourse excellent. The usual amount of roast turkey and pumpkin pies were consumed afterwards.

1885 Lake area
News and Citizen 1/1/1 885- The dance at the opening of the Pond House Thursday evening cannot be recorded as a success financially, there being only 11 paying couples present.

1897 East Elmore
News and Citizen, Jan 6, 1897 - There will be a box party soon for the benefit of the church.

1897 Lake area
News and Citizen, July 7, 1897- Elmore Boys are just as patriotic as other town’s boys and last Saturday morning at 1:00 began to show their patriotism after the manner of boys in general by making a racket with saws, anvils, cowbells, firecrackers, etc. and so disturbed the equilbrium of our toad exterminating neighbor, that he is not likely to get over it for a year and made his grievances the subject of quite discourse at meeting, Sunday night. Boys, Watch out!

1897 Lake area


News and Citizen, September 22, 1897 - All Elmore’s great men and strong, have been exercising their muscles for the past week practicing the tug of war with H. D. Cook as captain. - (Unfortunately their opponents, Hyde Park, didn’t show up).

1897 Lake area
News and Citizen 12/29/1897 - Christmas was observed here by a Christmas tree in the vestry Friday evening which although the weather was so cold and blustering was well attended. In the eyes of the children the unloading of the two large trees and numerous tables was better than the recitations and singing.

1901 East Elmore
News and Citizen 9/25/1 901 - Coming to East Elmore September 27th Mr. J. M. Foss and Sons Entertainment with the moving pictures- a very interesting entertainment.

1904 Lake area
News and Citizen 2-17-1904 - Leap year dance at the Town Hall - Admission 50 cents - 11-19-1902 - 20 couples attended the dance in the town hall. Morrisville Messenger 8/4/1915 - There will be a baked bean and salad supper August 4th at the Town Hall. News and Citizen

9/4/1 912 - A free social will be held at the Town Hall July 18th by the Ladies Social Club. Games will be played and music furnished for singing and marching. Lemonade will be served. 8/1 4/1 912 - A poverty social will be held at the Town Hall, August 22nd by the Ladies Social Club. Everyone is invited to come and wear old clothes, the more ragged and patched the better. Any lady wearing a silk or wool dress will be fined 20 cents. Any gentleman wearing a stiff collar and good suit will be fined 10 cents. There will be other fines from 3 to 5 cents on gold rings, pins and 15 cents on gold watches. Coffee and doughnuts will be served 5 cents.

1906 Lake area
Photo 75 Entertainment July 4th parade in Elmore