In Historical Sketch (Article 25) - A committee was appointed in 1790 by the proprietors to lay out two roads in the town, one running north and south and one east and west as near the center of the town as the lay of the land permitted. James Whitelaw’s map made in 1796, shows roads in Elmore located virtually in the same places as the highways in 1939. When efforts were being made in the early part of the eighteenth century to determine the shortest route from the center of the State to the Canadian line, a committee was appointed in 1807 to lay out a road from the southern end of Lake Memphremagog to the south line of Elmore. A similar committee was appointed in 1809 to complete the laying out of this road to Montpelier.
1864 Ward, Bertram S.& Grace Townsend Hardwood Flats
Bertram S. Ward and Grace Townsend (married 12/25/1 884) - See Hazel Ward, child. News and Citizen 1/5/1897 - B. W. Ward and William A. Carpenter are breaking out the roads in good shape with the roller and four horses after a fearful storm and blow of three days duration. Thermometer registered 24 degrees below zero Tuesday morning. 4/3/1 901 - Bert Ward and William Carpenter are filling their ice houses; Bert says the ice is nice and mellow.
Lamoille Newsdealer 12/28/1 870 - The wind is blowing a perfect hurricane this evening, piling up the few inches of snow that has fallen through the day into high drifts, completely blocking up the roads and stopping all traveling through town until the inhabitants living upon our great thoroughfares shall hitch up their long teams of 6 or 8 horses attached to a huge roller 12 feet long and 6 feet in diameter and roll the roads through the town. Since the people have adopted this mode of breaking roads we have had invariable good roads with comparatively little trouble.
1878 Ainsworth, J. East Elmore
Map-Rd 26 - Lamoille News 2/1 3/1 878 - The selectmen have laid out a road from Jacob Ainsworth’s house to the Eagle Ledge road leading by Jabez Holden’s.
1878 Ladd, Mr. Hill
Ladd Sawmill
Lamoille News - 5/29/1878 - Capt. A. P. Slayton has contracted with Worcester to furnish material and build the bridge across the branch near Mr. Ladd’s saw mill for $650.00.
1878 Baker, D. R. Pleasant Valley
Lamoille News 4/24/1 878 - The washout in the highway near D. R. Bakers has been substantially repaired by putting in a stone culvert by Selectman H. Cornell.
1883 Carpenter, William A. East Elmore
ice house
Road 25- Farmer- 110 acres. News and Citizen 1/5/1898-B. S. Ward and William A. Carpenter are breaking out the roads in good shape with the roller and four horses after a fearful storm and blow of three days duration. 4/3/1901 - Bert Ward and William Carpenter ware filling their ice houses. 10/29/1 885 - Will Carpenter has engaged to work for G. A. Morse for one year and has moved his family into the house vacated by E. Atkins.

1885 General
News and Citizen 6/25/1 885 - The Selectmen have discontinued the old mountain road and people that travel there do so at their own risk.
1892 Elmore Mt. Rd
Elmore Mt. Road - In 1892 the Legislature inc. the Elmore Turnpike and Building Co.
The plan was to build a road around the lake and to summit of Elmore Mt. - Page 248 - Ret?
1892 General
In Historical Sketch (Article 25) - The possibility of exploiting the recreational advantages of Lake Elmore and the neighboring territory resulted in the incorporation in 1892 of the Elmore Pond Turnpike and Building Company. The charter of this company was the last turnpike charter issued by the State of Vermont. The company had an ambitious program of development which included the construction of a plank road around the lake and to the top of Elmore Mountain, the operation of a hotel, and the building and renting of boats. Financial difficulties prevented the carrying out of the project.
1893 Lake area
News and Citizen 6-1-1 893- The total length of the highways in town as measured by the selectmen with the odometer is trifle over 60 miles.
1897 Town -Selectmen (Elmore) General
News and Citizen 12/1/1 897 - The Selectmen are at work putting up railing in all hazardous places along the highways as a protection for teams which shows Elmore is up and doing among the enterprising towns.
1905 Merriam, Charles & Ellen Tucker Four Corners Church
Photo 68 Roads F Charles
W. Merriam, 1862, birthplace Elmore.
“Private house of C. W. Merriam with Ellen Tucker Merriam, 1866, birthplace Elmore his wife and two sons. News and Citizen - 4-20-1 904 - Chas. Merriam is Road Commissioner. . Their fifth son was Stanley Merriam, born March 21, 1907. Charles Merriam’s occupation was farmer. News and Citizen, September 22, 1897 - Charles Merriam has raised this year some 600 bushels of potatoes and marketed 240 bushels in Morrisville. 6-8-1898 - Our Road Commissioner, C. W. Merriam is fixing up the roads in fine shape. it is very evident that once at least the right man is in the right place. 3-1-1899 - Charles Merriam moves to his farm which has been occupied by Morris Less who moves to the place vacated by Ward. 4-26-1899 - Miss Carrie Shaw has sold her farm to C. W. Merrian.
1907 East Elmore
Vermont Citizen, June 19, 1873 - The town is now engaged in repairing and improving the Eagle Ledge Road. It is proposed to build the road around several of the hardest hills and thus make much less weariness the traveling over and among some of the most sublime and picturesque scenery to be found in Vermont. News and Citizen 5/1 5/1 907 - G. A. Barrows of Morrisville was here to investigate the repairing of the Eagle Ledge Road which he has charge of this summer.

1925 General
Morrisville Messenger 3/2/1 927 - Considerable money was subscribed by the people of Elmore to aid in the construction of the state road between Elmore and Worcester
1965 Smith, Bud Lake Area
Paved Road thru Worcestor Woods. Bud Smith remembers it was the year he graduated from high school. (Pavement previous ended either old Cook house or Sugarhouse (Josclyn’s).