1912 Hollenbeck, P. A. East Elmore
News and Citizen 7/3/1912 - Mr. Hollenbeck is one of the delegates from Elmore and he will
represent the town well at the County Convention.
1882 Merriam, Bert Emery and Mrs. Clara Lake area
From the History of the Methodist Church and correspondence - “Bert Merriam, standing tall and erect was, likewise a pillar of the church in his younger years. Bert Merriam worked in the Vermont schools until 1902, when he went to New Jersey as supt. of schools,(also educational director and psychologist in the NJ State reformatory) and was there for seven years, came back to Vermont in 1916 where he was supt. of Schools again at Bellows Falls. In 1917 he went to France to work with the YMCA and was in charge of the work at Bordeaux, France. In 1919 he was sent to Siberia and was there for three years and then was sent to Shanghai in 1923. Later that year he became a YMCA worker in the Philippine Islands and was interned by the Japanese throughout World War II in Manilla, emerging with his wife after their captivity somewhat wane but in excellent spirits, being at the time over 80 years of age.”
1870 Slayton, William T. East Elmore
News and Citizen 11/1897 - Dr. William T. Slayton, son of Capt. Aro P. and Lucy B. Slayton, was born in Elmore 1/11/1870. He received his academic education at Worcester and Calais, Vermont. He graduate from the Baltimore Medical College, Baltimore, MD with the degree of MD in the class of 1894. In May 1894 he commenced the practice of his profession in Boston, in the meantime continuing his studies in the Medical Dept. of Harvard University and Mass. General and graduated with a degree of MD from Harvard University in 1895. He took a special course in Guy’s Hospital, London and then moved back to Hyde Park where he practiced medicine.
1995 Wigner, Eugene P. Lake area
Eugene Wigner, 92 of Princeton, NJ, a Nobel Prizewinner and atomic age pioneer, passed away January 1, 1995. Dr. Wigner was also a longtime landowner in Elmore. He was born November 17, 1902 in Budapest, Hungary and came to the U.S. in 1930 taking a position at Princeton University. He was a pioneer in ideas involving nuclear physics involving the behavior of electrons. He was part of the Enrico Fermi team which built the world’s first atomic pile producing the first controlled chain reaction on a squash court in Chicago. He was one of three scientists in 1939 who wrote to President Roosevelt warning him that an atomic bomb was a possibility. This was the letter that essentially launched the Manhattan project. After WW II Dr. Wigner worked toward the development of nuclear energy and urged the construction of bomb shelters - one of which he built in Elmore.
1862 Woodbury, Urban & Pauline Darling Merriam
Woodbury, Ubran Andrain, governor of Vermont was born in Acworth, NH, July 11, 1838; son of Albert Merill (a native ofCavendish, Vermont) and Lucy Lestina Wadleight; grandson of Albert and Mary (Chatterton) Woodbury and a descendant of John Woodbury, who landed at Cape Ann, Mass. from Somersetshire, England in 1630, and moved to Salem in 1634. In 1840 Urban A. Woodbury moved with his parents to Morristown, Vt. where he attended the common schools and subsequently the People’s academy of Morrisville, and was graduated from the University of Vermont, M.D., 1859. He was married February 12, 1860 to Paulina Livonia, daughter of Ira and Sarah (Stone) Darling of Elmore, Vt. He enlisted in the 2nd regiment of Vermont volunteers. See further info under Woodbury, Urban.

1915 Woodbury, Urban & Pauline Darling Merriam
Morrisville Messenger 3/1915 - Mrs. George Powers has received news of the serious illness of
her father, ex Gov. U. A. Woodbury of Burlington who went to the Battle Creek Sanatarium at
Mt. Clemens, Michigan several weeks ago for treatment. Mrs. U. A. Woodbury’s brother is
Alonzo Darling.