1898 Howieson, Edward A. Hardwood Flats
War, Span-Am La Enlisted
5-12-1 898 at age 30.
He was born in Worcestor, Vt. In 1883 he was listed as a Laborer (Pg 102 Roster)- Road 31
1898 Woodbury, Charles L. Merriam
War, Span-Am Born
9-6-1 865 (Pg. 145 Roster)
1898 Grout, George G. Hardwood Flats
War, Span-Am.-N 5-12-98
enlisted at age 36 (pg 95 Roster)
1856 Lake area
Weather Lake
was still frozen 5-5-1856 and Luther Ward took an ox team across it.
1883 Lake area
weather News
and Citizen -1/11/1883 - The Pond has “come back” on the lumbermen this time in refusing even to hold a single team to cross, the first time known for many years, if ever before. The next item stated that onl/18/83, the last cold snap finished the Pond so the first team crossed on Friday.
1885 Shackett, Edward East Elmore
Thrushing mach
Weather News and
Citizen 11/1 0/1 885 - Edward Shackett has sold his thrushing machine. 7/16/1885 - The storm of last Thursday did a good deal of damage by blowing down trees and breaking telephone wires.
A new barn belonging to Edward Shackett was blown over, breaking one of the sills.
1891 General
Weather News
and Citizen 9/1 0/1 891 - Many colds and much physical depression abound, owing to the
protracted dampness and absence of sunshine.
1896 Stone, David Lake area
10 Weather Mr.
Stone was nearly killed rescuing a family during a terrific storm in 1896, dying soon after from frozen feet.
1897 General
Weather News and
Citizen, Jan 27, 1897 - Snow finally came and lumbering has commenced in earnest
1899 Camp, ElmerE. and Ida Tucker Lake area Church
weather News
and Citizen dated 3-33-1899 reads as follows - “During a blizzard last Wednesday night E. E. Camp, who was drawing logs across the pond, had a narrow escape from drowning. Having left the woods late he reached the pond around 7:00p.m. and got away from the road and drove into a hole where someone had been cutting ice. Cries for help were heard in the village. One horse drowned and Elmer took a bath in the ice-cold water of the pond, as also did H. A. Wheelock, when trying to get the horses out. The report also states that there was a big storm that evening
- snow and wind, scarely ever known, even in Elmore. Church records show that Mr. Elmer Camp was a member of the Elmore Church in 1897 and in 1904 News and Citizen refers to him as superintendent of Sunday School. His wife was Ida Tucker from Elmore, Vt. Child born Evelyn May Camp, May 29, 1904. E. E. Camp was member of the chairman of the school board in 1906.
1904 Lake area
weather News
and Citizen 5-4-1904 - The 1st of May and ice is still in pond

1908 Lake area Church weather A
severe thunderstorm demohshed the tall steeple of the church